Lab news

Aug 15 2019 The group win the “Most Improved Lab” award in the 2019 Battle of the Labs in CPSPE! Kudos to the team!

Jul 15 2019   The group welcomes two new members: Dr. Junfeng Zhou (postdoc) from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry and Bingze Wu (visiting undergraduate student) from University of Science and Technology of China! See group page for more details.

May 28 2019   The group welcomes our summer REU student Rumbila Abdullahi! See group page for more details.

Jan 07 2019   Welcome to our five new group members, including Ph.D. students Hanlin ChenTze-Gang Hsu and Devavrat Sathe as well as masters students Xiaomeng Li and Hsin-Wei Su! See group page for more details.

Jan 01 2019   The Junpeng Wang lab starts! We are thankful for the full support and warm welcome from CPSPE at U Akron and excited about the research opportunity!